MUST Magazine, March 2017




As part of  a feature which explored entrepreneurship among the younger generation. 

Michelle realised at a young age that we must dream, take risks and live life to the fullest. Her love for fine jewellery was far greater than the security blanket of her office job. She felt that  her purpose in life was to create something of her own in the jewellery industry and take control of her own path. And this is what she did by starting her own fine jewellery company. She says that there’s no recipe for success.

“Everything depends on us, on our goals and, in the end, on how much we love ourselves. I strive to be the best version of myself, never compromise and work hard to turn my dreams into a reality.”

Michelle Massoura Fine Jewellery was the result of her wish to expand her personal boundaries and build the future of her dreams. As far as the business side is concerned? It was always on the back of her mind, she researched a lot on what it takes to be a business owner and was advised by a lot of people in the field. When she felt ready for the challenge she began. "The truth is that we are never fully ready and the best time to start something is now. So we must take a risk and everything will eventually fall into place."

When you get to know her you will realise that she has a lot of self-confidence and determination and that she knows that everything comes at the right time therefore she is not worried of the unknown. Michelle pays attention to detail and to the quality of all aspects of the business because she strongly believes that if the ingredients are placed correctly then the result will be successful.

Handling her own business might not be easy but it is not impossible. She enjoys it because it has made her stronger and ready for everything that might come in her way. When you are organised, have vision and a positive outlook everything is possible. It is vital to build a team of people around you that share your vision.”  

Michelle’s jewellery is connected with her clients' most beautiful moments in life. It is made with a lot of attention to detail and quality using 18k gold, diamonds and pearls. Her jewellery collection is classic with a modern twist, making it timeless and invaluable.  

Interview by Stavri Frangou, photos by Nearchos Panayiotou

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