Sun Rays, Sea and Golden Moments


michelle massoura necklaces

Shimmering gold chains, just like sun rays glimmering on the sea, and lustrous pearls - sea's ultimate treasure. These are the core elements of my Summer Collection for 2017.

This collection embodies my brand’s mantra that life is moments. We must search for what is gold in every passing day and celebrate life with luxurious fine jewellery.

Each piece is special in its own right and perfect for layering and stacking; a look reminiscent of a summer golden goddess arising from the sea, drenched in pearls.

The jewellery is made by hand in our workshop. We use 18karat gold, perfectly round pearls of the highest quality and delicate chains, all sourced with a lot of love and care from all around the world.

Our only wish is for you to create your own iconic summer memories and that your jewellery will be a constant reminder of those golden moments.

With love,


To visit our studio and view the collection or for purchase enquiries, please call +357 22 26 26 04, email us at or contact us through social media.

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