Summer Collection 2018


  My summer collection represents all the core elements of summer that I grew up loving: shimmery rays of sun hitting the sea, golden sunsets dipping in the horizon, and gorgeous seashells washed over on the beach.


I was inspired by my gorgeous island, Cyprus, and its natural beauty. I took this snap a few months back, it's Aphrodite's Rock where legend has it Aphrodite,the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, was born arising from the waves of the sea in a shell.


Just like this stunning scenery that has inspired so many romantics for thousands of years, jewellery has the power to hold its beauty and mystical allure forever. It is my aim to create pieces that stand the test of time, that are modern yet timeless, ethereal and feminine. Jewellery fit for real life goddesses.

The philosophy behind these pieces is relaxed and refined luxury; every item is handcrafted to perfection and easy to wear & style. As with all pieces of my line they can be layered and stacked  creating the ultimate golden goddess look that will translate into any season easily.  We use 18karat solid gold, pearls of the highest quality and brilliant cut diamonds, all personally sourced with a lot of love and care from all around the world.




I hope this collection inspires you to add some sparkle in your life and fill it with precious moments & memories that will last forever.



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