A few years ago, I listened to my heart and decided to pursue my passion for fine jewellery. My collection is inspired by my love for all things luxurious, feminine, sparkly and indulgent. I love spoiling myself and the people I love and rarely save anything for a special occasion simply because I feel that each day can be special.

My collection has a sweet and feminine character, I love using pearls, which are timeless, combined with coloured gemstones for a dose of playfulness. Each piece is perfect on its own and turns into magic when layered and mixed together.  We proudly handcraft all the jewellery with love and attention to detail using 18K solid gold, diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls personally sourced by myself from all around the world, giving each piece a special one-of-a kind feeling.

Cherish it for years to come and let it make you feel iconic, that is my only wish!

With love,