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A note from the heart on my new collection

Feb 12, 2021 | Inspiration

So here we are! Spring Summer 2021 just launched!

I started working on this collection post quarantine, in the first part of last summer. Following months in isolation at home, it became clear to me that as a person I’m happiest when I’m close to nature. During the months of lockdown, I missed my weekly walks on the beach, I missed the sun hitting my face, I missed breathing fresh air. It made me realize, as cliché as this may sound, that the ultimate pleasures in life usually stem from the most basic activities.

When I was finally able to leave my house, I decided to prioritize the activities that bring me happiness and never take anything for granted ever again. I found myself driving to the beach almost daily. Snapping photos of sunsets, zooming in and focusing on how the sun hit the water. I took endless videos, of what is now my favorite soundtrack, waves crushing on rocks creating this thick white foam. These moments of pure bliss inspired my latest collection.

I wanted earrings to be the focus, in the era of Zoom meetings and video calls nothing beats wearing your favorite statement earrings and turning the camera on, sweatpants or not. I created pieces like the Aphrodite Hoops, which for me feel like summer, and the Eternal Hoops with a modern sleek silhouette perfect for every day wear. The Sea Foam crawlers are an ode to my islander heart and the Wired Petals are a modern take on the ultimate classic – the pearl stud. Their sleek and simple silhouettes ensure that these will be timeless investments,  that you will wear and enjoy year after year.

I designed this collection during summer and it went into production in early fall. During the chaos that was 2020, having a goal to bring this collection to life and focusing my energy into something so beautiful, brought me hope and sometimes a glimmer of hope is all we need to keep pushing and keep moving forward.

I hope you wear it in good health, and I hope it adds a touch of sunshine even during the gloomiest of days.