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Our love for Pearls

Nov 3, 2021 | Jewellery Care

Our love for pearls runs deep and is at the core of everything we create. We love to offer a modern take on wearing pearls; one that allows you to style them in a way that is relaxed and effortless.

Every single pearl we use in our designs is handpicked as we take our quality seriously. We carefully select pearls based on their lustre quality, size, shape and surface. We use cultured freshwater pearls which require human intervention and care and are usually cultured as their name suggests in freshwater lakes and ponds. We use AAA quality pearls in all of our designs, the AAA-A classifying system (with AAA being the highest quality) is the most universally used and accepted standardised system when it comes to pearl quality.

Out of all the value factors mentioned above, we place the most importance on lustre when selecting our pearls. Lustre is the special feature that sets pearls apart from other gems. It is the instesity and sharpness of the light reflected from a pearl’s surface. We always select pearls that have high lustre, meaning that if you look closely in your Michelle Massoura pearl jewellery the reflections you see inside the pearl will appear bright and sharp.

Since pearls are formed inside living mollusks, they are considered organic gemstones. This means that when you receive your jewellery you may notice some minor surface irregularities. This is a true testament to the pearl’s organic nature as very few pearls are completely blemish free. 

The majority of our designs features round, near round and baroque pearls. Baroque pearls are not quite symmetrical and have an irregular shape. Therefore, two pieces of the same design will never be exactly the same and every piece has a one-of-a kind character ensuring that our customer truly owns a piece that is unique.

We hope you fall in love with this stunning gift from nature as much as we do and if you have any questions simply drop us an email