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Ring Size

You’ve found a Michelle Massoura ring you love, perfect! Now let’s help you find your size.

When using the techniques explained below keep in mind that our fingers tend to change in size depending on the weather and time of day, for example our fingers tend to be smaller in size when the weather is cold. For the most accurate measurement, measure your finger across multiple times of day and during different days to compare.

If you are unsure and need further assistance we would be happy to help, just send an email to

Measuring an existing ring
You can find your ring size by using an existing ring you own. It’s important to note that our fingers vary in size so, pick a ring you own that fits on the intended finger.
Lay the ring flat on a ruler and measure the inside diameter (mm) of the ring, place the ruler across the middle part of the ring. Click on our Ring Size Chart to find the corresponding size based on the internal diameter of your ring.

Measuring your finger

Alternatively, you can find your ring size by measuring your finger using a narrow piece of paper. Wrap the strip of paper snuggly around the finger where you’d like your ring to be. The sizer must fit snuggly in order for the sizing to be accurate. Ensure that the paper is snug enough to your finger, but can easily slide over you knuckle too. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure this distance (in mm) with a ruler.

Use our Ring Size Chart to find your corresponding size based on the circumference measurement of your finger.

When using our chart please bear in mind that we use EU ring sizing.

If the measurements fall between two sizes, it is best advised to opt for the larger size.